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Becoming A Roofing Contractor

How To Become Roofing Contractor in Australia

A roofing contracting business is a lucrative business enterprise in Australia especially with a steady growth in construction and the regular need for roof repair, maintenance and installation. Anyone who wants to become a roof contractor needs to get licensed and certified in order to legally provide contracting services to the public. Here are the most important considerations for anyone who wants to become a roofing contractor in Australia.

How to Start your business – business registration – where to get it?

Every roofing contractor needs to have a valid Australian business number and be registered in the Australian Business Register. Business owners need to register their business with the register and have a unique business and trading name. A business number can be used for more than one enterprise as long as these enterprises fall under the same industry.

Do you need insurance? What kind?

Roof contracting companies are required to have insurance before they are issued a license to provide services to the public. These consist of:

  • public liability insurance
  • indemnity insurance
  • work cover

This is to ensure that any accidents and injuries that occur during the course or due to the construction are financially covered. Surety bonding will be required for large contracts.

Do you need a license? What kind?

You need to have a license in order to operate. A license to contract is a requirement for roof companies where the reasonable market cost is more than $1,000. The applicant must apply for a contractor license which is one that authorizes the holder to carry out the work that is stated in his license card. You may also have your license endorsed with a Q which means that the holder is also a holder of a Qualified Supervisor Certificate. This means that you are allow to supervise the kind of contracting work that is stated in your license. You may also need to take out a Builder Works contractor’s license specified for roof plumbing which assures client that you can complete the project according to accepted standards.

Contractors who want to be licensed for more specific projects can also be licensed for:

  • roof plumbing
  • roof slating
  • roof tilting


Skills Required

Roofing contractors need to finish and be certified for contracting course by the Commissioner of Vocational Training in order to assure the public that the contractor has all the skills needed to perform the tasks according to Australian building and housing safety codes. Experience with all types of roofing, choosing roofing materials, product and installation knowledge is also a requirement for certification.

Marketing your business

Marketing your business is one of the most important aspects of building and maintaining a contracting company. Online marketing and getting more exposure through traditional advertising and word-of-mouth are all useful when it comes to getting noticed by potential clients for both residential and commercial roofing contracts.

A contracting business in Australia needed to be licensed and bonded with insurance in order to start accepting contracting jobs. With a good reputation, reputable industry links as well as a strong marketing strategy, your roof contracting enterprise, no matter how small, will have a sure chance for success.