Safety Tips For Roofing Contractors

Safety Tips For Roofing Contractors in Australia

Safety Tips For Roofing Contractors

There is not a job in this planet that does not have a risk, especially construction jobs. Roofing is not an exception; it has its own fair share of safety challenges. However, since you cannot stop working as a result of these challenges it is important to at least make an effort to keep your staff safe. There are many ways that you can use to reduce these risks to manageable levels.

Some of the safety tips for roofing contractors are discussed below;

1. Wear safety harness at all times

Safety Harness

You should always ensure that your staff wear safety harness always as long as they are in the roofing site. Many contractors try to reduce cost by ignoring some of the clothing meant for roofing job. Do not take that chance, you may avoid sealing a crack but in the long run you may end up building a wall. Take precaution and ensure that your workers are well dressed for the job.

2. Avoid working when it’s raining

Weather Conditions

No matter the deadlines baying for your blood avoid work at all times when the rain is falling. Neither should you work when the roof is wet. It is very important to wait for it to dry up before commencing any work on it. Remember you cannot continue working if you are dead right? Roofing is team work; you lose even a single staff and your project will stall.

3. Never allow your staff to carry tools up a ladder

Roofing Tools

All foremen should be trained adequately on this safety precaution. It is not that people do not understand this; but rather they choose to ignore and usually choices have consequences. If your employees are allowed to carry tools up a ladder they may not have the correct balancing due to the fact they will be using one hand. In the process, they may fall and injure themselves.

4. Ensure that you place a caution tape around the building you are roofing

Construction / Caution Tape

A tape cautions people to be alert and that there may be falling items and so forth. With the presence of this caution tape individuals are warned way in advance of the works. It also helps to keep other people apart from your staff away from the place of works.

5. Keep the ladder away from the walking path of others

Roofing contractors should always ensure that ladders are kept away from other people’s path. People may hit it by bad luck and hence cause unnecessary injuries. It may harm both the staff and the person who hit it.
There are many other safety tips for roofing contractors in Australia which may include; ensuring that staff wear sturdy shoes to provide good traction and ensuring that their staff know how to use knives well at all times etc. for example when cutting shingles and any other stuff make sure that the knife points away from them.
There are many insurances in Australia that provide cover for roofing companies. There are those that are specialized in providing this service while there are some that are open. The next time before choosing a particular insurance company look at their claims payout or indemnity value.

An example of a good roofing insurance provider is mainline insurance and ballast point insurance etc.


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