Eliminate Pests With Natural Pest Control

Eliminate Pests With Natural Pest Control

Effective Pest Control Methods That Don’t Require Using Harmful Chemicals

Eliminate Pests With Natural Pest Control

Are you an environmentally conscious individual? Always doing what you can to help save our planet, changing out your household appliances for those which are energy efficient. Trading in those iridescent bulbs for LED ones and doing your part to conserve water, like taking less time in the shower or washing small loads of laundry at a time. Choosing organic materials and sealing up your windows in order to use a minimal amount of heat in the winter.

Nevertheless, this environmentally conscious state of mind is a superior way of thinking, even when utilized on things like the removal of those pesky critters. Here we explore some natural methods to remove pests brought to us by the team at No1 Pest Control Brisbane, a Queensland based exterminator.

Reasons Why Not to Use Pesticides

  • They are unsafe for humans and the environment as well
  • Cause serious health conditions and upper respiratory problems
  • Are harmful to both pets and children alike
  • Pollute nearby lakes and streams

These are just a few of the potential hazards from using pesticides around the house. It might be a convenient way to rid oneself of pests, however it can have deadly consequences.

Natural Pest Control: Eliminating Pests Without Harmful Poisons

There are numerous natural ways of ridding yourself of unwanted critters from inhabiting your home. Here’s a list of common home remedies for residential areas.

1. Garlic Cloves

Throughout the years people have been using garlic as a means of tackling their roach problems. By simply laying down cloves of garlic, you’ll have them looking for somewhere else to call home.

2. Basil Leaves

For those suffering from an infestation of flies and/or mosquitoes, take some basil leaves and place them around locations where they’re predominantly located. Such as, near windows and doors, you should see a huge reduction within a couple of days.

3. Common Cornmeal

Do you have an ant problem? No worries! Cornmeal is a natural enemy of these pesky bugs. Sprinkle in areas where they’ve been seen, the ants carry it back to their nest, killing off the entire colony.

This is merely a few of the safe ways to help your unwanted visitors vacate the premises.

1. Study Their Behavioral Patterns

With some in-depth research and perseverance, you’ll have the ability to locate and identify your particular pest. For those of you who live in around the city, there’s certain critters you won’t need to be concerned about. On the other hand, it’d probably be wise of you to get a full understanding about rats and what kinds of habits they have. Taking care of them before hand, will help save you the hassle of property damage, as well as, any potential health risks to you and your family.

2. Examine the Evidence

In order to rid yourself of pests, first figure out their reasoning behind coming into your home. For instance, has there been a recent increase of rainfall in the area? If that’s the case, ants tend to prefer nice dry areas to forage for a source of food. However, by controlling the humidity levels in your home, you can nip this problem in the bud before it becomes a bigger issue.

Mice also search for a nice warm place to hide as well. Some effective ways to avoid this are by plugging up cracks in your baseboards, resealing window caulking, ensuring that doors and windows are securely fastened. Last but not least, obscuring your clothes dryer vent.

3. Perform Your Own Personal Evaluation

Once you’ve determined the source of infestation, your initial reaction is to immediately contact the nearest pest control company. However, it’s wise to collect some vital information before doing that.

Your main goal should be removing the pesky critters with as little effort as possible and protecting the area from any future infestations. For instance, if you’ve feathered friends choosing your property to make their nests, then by removing the nest and applying a non-chemical spray onto the area in question, they are usually deterred from returning to this particular location.

In Conclusion

Insects along with other types of pests can be quite a nuisance! However, by researching on your particular species that you’re dealing with, may be taken care of right away. Making your home the tranquil place of peace, it was meant to be.