Building Ideas – Unusual Ways To Use Shipping Containers

What if I told you that a guesthouse could be built in your backyard for only a few thousand dollars?

It turns out that it can be done. Shipping containers are being used to build anything from houses to saunas. People across the world are beginning to hop aboard this fad and are rushing to build their own shipping container house. Local companies providing shipping containers Brisbane like Nationwide Container Sales said using containers as homes and offices is getting very popular.

Shipping containers have the added advantage of eliminating both construction time and costs by acting as a pre-built building frame.

We have three ideas on how to use a shipping container to improve your home:

  • Adding a guesthouse
  • Adding a workshop
  • Or even adding a pool!

Unusual Ways To Use Shipping Containers

Guest House

Guesthouses are great for housing guests (hence the name), but they can be prohibitively expensive. A good guesthouse will set you back at least $20,000 if not more. In addition, the construction process can be long and tedious as you wait for inspections.

Shipping containers allow you to circumvent many of these problems. For only a few thousand dollars, you can own a shipping container that can serve as the basis for a nice guesthouse. However, it will still require you to install insulation and other amenities like doors and windows.

Some important tips to remember:

  • See the containers before you buy them; they could be in terrible condition.
  • Find a contractor who can do the entire building process for you.
  • Remember that you will have to install plumbing and insulation. Plan with these things in mind.

A full list of tips for shipping container house building can be found more here.



We all would love to have a dedicated workshop where we can organize our tools. Unfortunately, most of us just throw our hammers and nails into a drawer and forget about them.

So instead of building a shed or a workshop to organize your tools, you can invest in a shipping container. Although they can be costly when compared to a cheap plastic shed, shipping containers have much better longevity due to their solid construction.

The metal construction also allows you to attach drawers, workbenches, tool racks, and a multitude of other workshop features to the walls of your workshop. Not to mention, if you want a bigger workshop, you can just buy another container and add it on!


Unlike a shipping container house, a shipping container workshop can be built on your own without a construction crew. Check out this video where a few guys construct an incredible looking workshop.

Shipping Containers


Shipping containers can make fantastically interesting looking above ground pools. They are extremely durable and can add a rustic look to your backyard. The downside of this is you will probably have to buy one pre-built (unless you know how to build a pool).

Websites like this one sell pre-built customizable pools, but the costs can be as much as building an in-ground pool.

It should be noted that the cost does come with some benefits:

  • Container pools are more structurally sound than traditional above ground pools.
  • Container pools are very portable and can be set up in a few minutes after delivery.
  • They are customizable (usual you pre-order customizations) and allow you to add things like windows, dividers, and heaters.
  • They are less ugly than beige, concrete above ground pools (in our opinion)


If any of these ideas appeal to you, check out the links throughout the post for more information. Shipping containers are seeing increased used thanks to their portability and durability, and it is getting increasingly easier to get in on this growing trend. Happy building!

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